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Get Ready
For a Splash of Color!

Hey there, I'm Kerry Boniface, the founder of Kerry's Tie Dye, where we're all about bringing vibrant, beautiful tie-dye designs to life! We believe that everyone deserves a splash of color in their lives, and our mission is to create and share the best tie-dye tees you've ever seen.


Our Products

Our creations are perfect for everyone. So, step into our colorful world and discover a dazzling array of tie-dye tee shirts that'll make you feel like you're walking on sunshine. 

Whether you're a tie-dye aficionado or just looking for a fresh new look, we've got you covered!

Who is Kerry Boniface:

The Man Behind the Colors

From Tie Dye Enthusiast to Tie Dye Master


 It all started with a simple desire for a tie-dye tee shirt, but after searching far and wide without success, I decided to make my own. Through trial and error, I developed some amazing tie-dye designs and realized that I had a knack for it. Soon, I thought, "Why not share my passion with the world?"

I'm committed to using only the best materials for my creations, including Gildan brand shirts and dyes from Dharma Trading Co. It's this dedication to quality that sets us apart from the competition. When we're out at summer festivals, people truly appreciate the time I take to explain the intricacies of tie-dye techniques, and how they can achieve similar results at home.

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